• National Youth Achievement Award

NYAA Gold Award Holders' Alumni

NYAA Gold Award Holders' Alumni

Who We Are

The NYAA Gold Award Holders’ Alumni (GAHA) was established in October 1995 by the first cohort of the NYAA Gold Award recipients to continue serving the community with other passionate and like-minded award recipients well beyond the NYAA Gold Award. From a humble beginning with just 18 members, GAHA has expanded into a large network with more than 3,000 members today.

All recipients of the NYAA Gold Award recipients are automatically members of GAHA with the option not to join. Members of GAHA comes from various backgrounds and from all levels of society. They have a common goal - To serve the community.

What We Envision

A society passionately engaged in the interested and needs of its people. GAHA aspires to serve the community and make a difference to those whom they come in contact with, growing and evolving every step of the way as members believe that they can effect positive change in the society if we adapt a can-do attitude and a commitment towards making it happen.

What We Do

GAHA works closely in partnership with the NYAA Advisory Board and Council, other civil society and grassroots organisations, government ministries and agencies, corporations and educational institutions including international agencies in spearheading youth initiatives and encouraging a spirit for the community amongst young Singaporeans.

What Opportunities Await You

As a GAHA member, you will be given a broad range of opportunities to lead interesting and challenging projects and to give your best to society while growing personally and professionally.

Examples of GAHA’s projects and activities:

• Community Engagement Projects
• Environmental Sustainability Projects
• Active Ageing Programmes
• Visual Arts and Cultural Projects
• Racial Harmony Projects
• National Security Vigilance Programmes
• Leadership Capacity-Building Programmes
• Bilateral Youth Leaders Exchange Programmes
• Networking Opportunities
• Overseas Major Conferences

“The NYAA Gold Award Holders’ Alumni (GAHA) provides an excellent platform for our NYAA Gold Award recipients to further develop their leadership skills so that they can serve and contribute effectively to our society through the ‘Service Beyond Gold’ programme”.

Heng Swee Keat
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance
and Chairman, NYAA Advisory Board

To find out more, please visit – www.nyaagaha.org